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MongoDB With Jongo – Sleeves Up!

Abstract : In this post you will find a brief introduction to Jongo – a fast, easy-to-use, Java-based querying library for MongoDB. There are plenty of articles discussing MongoDB around the Internet and it’s documentation is quite good. Thus, here you won’t find any introduction to MongoDB nor am I going to convince you to use it or not. In this article I’m going to show you that querying MongoDB from Java can be easy. Don’t be afraid from the size of the post, most of it is simple code and data samples.

Goal : Basic use of Jongo for querying MongoDB.

Acknowledgement : My gratitude goes to the open source community and especially to:

Benoit Guérout creator of Jongo

Yves Amsellem co-creator of Jongo

Xavier Bourguignon for his open-mind and open-heart

Code : You can download the full source of the project from GitHub

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