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Bringing together Docker, Grunt, Maven, EmberJS & MongoDB

Abstract : Will it work? … How can I be sure? … Am I forgetting something? … questions that pile up slowly and ruin our confidence once we cannot clearly answer them. For reasons like these we write tests – to be confident, to be certain, to sleep better. Yet, writing tests is one part of the problem. Getting them executed in an environment close to the production one is another . … and so, more questions pile up : How do we keep a snapshot of our production environment for testing purposes? What if our app needs to run in different environments? Can we keep multiple virtual environment snapshots? How many? Can we have test parallelization? Is the sandboxing guaranteed? and so on, and so on …

In this post, we are going to take a look at orchestrating Maven, Grunt & Docker to provide the basis for setting up integration tests.

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Chatting Through JActor

Abstract : Nearly 40 years ago Carl Hewitt, Peter Bishop and Richard Steiger introduced the actor model. Since then it has been built in some languages (such as Scala, Erlang, etc.) and has been implemented by several frameworks. One (of not so many) Java actor frameworks is the JActor framework – “a high-throughput Java Actor framework” (as described by its author Bill la Forge). In this post we are going to take a (brief) look at JActor framework by building a simple backbone for chatting (j)actors.

Goal : Build a simple chat application using JActor framework

Acknowledgement: My gratitude goes to the open source community and especially to:

Bill la Forge creator of JActor framework

Code : Project code can be found @ GitHub under Apache License, Version 2.0

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